About us

Hello, we are Whitee and we make white t-shirts. As literal as life itself.

Our brand was born from the need to find quality basics that are sustainable, elegant and practical. Come on, we want to be comfortable, beautiful and do our bit to make a better world.

And sand is precisely where we are born. Our brand is inspired by the Mediterranean light that emerges from the coast of Mallorca, which connects us with what is essential, with our origins.

The beauty of the simple, of the natural. At Whitee, we don't like to complicate our lives - and you probably don't either! - that's why we return to the essence, creating a garment that accompanies you in your day to day and that makes you feel good.

Casual, fun, elegant, real, alive. That's how we are. Just the way you are.


We understand sustainability as a commitment linked to our values. That's why we only use fair trade organic cotton. And our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Being sustainable means minimizing the environmental impact as much as possible, but also maximizing the positive impact on the local community.

With Whitee you are not only investing in a timeless, durable and quality garment but you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Our products are designed and made in Spain, supporting a local business model.

The organic cotton used in our garments is certified under the OCCGuarantee process promoted by Organic Cotton Colours, a local company specialized in this type of raw material for more than 25 years, and with complete transparency and traceability of the process.

  1. Organic cotton produced in Turkey, one of the countries with the least contamination from transgenic seeds.
  2. Spun in Turkey and woven in Portugal, in factories with GOTS certification and under total quality control by the OCC.
  3. Manufactured in Europe under the most demanding quality standards