Hi there, we're Whitee, and we do white t-shirts,
aren't we so literal?

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The brand was created from our need to find high-quality basic tees that are sustainable, practical and elegant. We just want to feel comfortable - and pretty - and contribute to a better world.

We were inspired by the sea and the special light you can find on Mallorca's beaches, a small island in the Mediterranean not so far away from Spanish coasts. This magical place is where we feel connected with the essential, with our roots and origins.

The beauty of simple little things, from being natural, without filters. In Whitee, we promote the easy life approach; we don't want a complicated existence - and we're sure you won't either! - that's why we go back to essentials, creating a garment that goes with your everyday life and will make you feel so good.

Casual, fun, elegant, real, alive. That's how we are. As you are.


We see sustainability as a commitment to our values as a brand. That's why we only use organic and fair-trade cotton. Therefore, our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Being sustainable is minimising the environmental impact but also maximising the positive effect on our local community.

With Whitee, you don't just invest in an atemporal, durable, high-quality garment. Still, also, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Our products are designed and made in Spain, supporting a local network and business model.

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Organic cotton

Organic cotton is produced in Turkey, one of the countries with the slightest transgenic seed contamination

GOTS certified

Spinning done in Turkey and weaving in Portugal in GOTS certified factories and under the entire quality control on OCC's behalf.

Manufactured here

Manufactured in Europe in line with the most stringent quality standards.

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